Welcome to Oilqo

We specialize in providing corporate structuring for established companies, startups and SMEs within all industries, especially the energy sector.

We combine our industry knowledge and functional expertise with a network of high caliber associates to help our clients transform their businesses. Our consultants provide market insight, business strategy and operational support.

At Oilqo, our management team has over 50 years of collective experience. We provide tailored solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Purpose

Oilqo is a business consultancy focusing on the oil and gas industry. Our services include strategy, operations, financial and corporate. We work with our clients to improve their profitability and deliver on their goals – through practical solutions that focus on what matters most:

People, Processes and Structure.


At Oilqo, we unlock the potential of those who advance the world. We bring insight to light by challenging traditional thinking and ways of operating, look beyond the next deadline to the next decade, conquer complexity by discovering unique sources of competitive advantage and hidden truths in dynamic, complex systems and drive inspired impact by collaborating closely with our clients enabling and energizing their organizations.

Audit Services

We know that to be a regulated entity, you need to provide your investors with transparent, accurate and real-time data. Oilqo is designed to help you do just that, while also enabling you to streamline your operations and comply with regulators’ requests in a timely manner. Oilqo provides independent assurance and assurance related services to companies in the energy industry, to ensure compliance with regulations, controls, processes and standards.


Our world is changing faster than most businesses today can keep up. We help our clients adapt and thrive through a radically different approach to strategy, transactions and transformation. Through design and delivery that inform each other at every step, we empower you to meet an ever-changing world head on.

Our Services

Risk Management

Oilqo’s bespoke Energy Trading and Risk Management system and access to real-time, verified market reference data allows our risk consultants to manage trade capture, scheduling, and risk exposures. This ensures accurate planning, tracking, management, and accounting for product that is physically moved from source to point of usage.

Cargo Operations

We pride ourself on delivering smooth and efficient cargo operations. We understand how costly delays can be and we aim to minimize the impact on our clients through effective vessel and terminal management. Issues can occur at any time and our operators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to resolve them.

Accounting & Treasury

Oilqo offers the full range of accounting services; accounts payable and receivable, treasury, bookkeeping, credit control, internal audit, tax planning and compliance, invoicing and settlements.

Financial Advisory

Our experienced team of financial advisers covers any requirement our clients may have regarding restructuring, raising of finance, mergers & acquisitions, trade finance and corporate financial strategy.

Legal & Compliance

We help companies keep an eye on all of their processes and transactions to make sure they follow all regulations across the globe. With so many regulations constantly evolving across multiple countries, we keep track to make sure you stay ahead.